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Our Lady of Mount Carmel - Homily notes July 2017

By Bishop Thomas Zinkula



Our Lady of Mount Carmel - Homily notes July 16 2015

By Bishop Martin Amos



Trinity Sunday - homily 5-31-2015 

By Thomas J. Hennen


The Prayer of the Leper - homily 2-14-2015 

By Thomas J. Hennen


Long live Christ the King!  Long live the Virgin of Guadalupe!”

By Thomas J. Hennen


Finding Strength In Weakness

By Vilma Seelaus

Crisis and Transformation

Turning over the Compost Heap

By Vilma Seelaus

God's Design At Work In Your Life


By Margaret Dorgan

The Ageing Body 


By Margaret Dorgan


Praying The News    

By Vilma Seelaus

"I Am So Fond of This Element"    

By Margaret Dorgan

Divine Presence: The Basis of Prayer


By Margaret Dorgan

Thérèse: Spirituality of Imperfection

By Vilma Seelaus

The Self in Postmodern Thought: A Carmelite Response

By Vilma Seelaus


God is Greater Than Our Heart Thérèse of the Child Jesus and Prayer

By Aline Eraly


Dieu Est Plus Grand Que Notre Coeur:

Thérèse de l'Enfant Jésus

Traditions of Spiritual Guidance The Self: Mirror of God

By Vilma Seelaus


Meeting Place Of God

By Mary Joan Loebig


Embracing And Expressing New Experiences Of God...

By Mary Jo Loebig, O.C.D.


Thérèse Of Lisieux: Mystic Of The Ordinary

By Margaret Dorgan


St. Edith Stein: The Prophetic Philosopher For The New Millennium

By Denis Read


Feast Of The Body And Blood Of Christ

By Edmond J. Dunn


Living In The Presence: Realizing Humanity

By Vilma Seelaus


The Feminine In Prayer in The Interior Castle

By Vilma Seelaus


St. Thérèse: Formative Relationships

By Miriam Hogan

A Phenomenological Description of Empathy

(As Presented in the Philosophy of Edith Stein)




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